Negotiation for buyers II ONLINE course

The course Negotiation for Buyers II is aimed at advanced negotiation skills of buyers and expanding their skills in the area of advanced argumentation, use of supplier typology and assertiveness. It loosely follows on from the course Negotiation for Buyers I.

The course will be conducted online. The working methods used in the distance training programs are chosen to ensure interactivity, adaptation of the content to the needs of the participants and practical transfer into practice.

  • To improve participants‘ skills in negotiation and in resisting pressure during negotiation.
  • To improve communication and tactical skills, necessary in individual stages of negotiation and in different types of negotiation.
  • Learn to handle difficult situations during negotiations.
  • To teach participants to use selected assertive techniques against manipulation.
  • Master the typology and its use in business dealings with suppliers.
  • Increase the persuasiveness of your argumentation during negotiations, learn to work with objections

Model situation

  • Solving a model situation from a purchasing environment
  • Analysis of the model situation and possible solutions

Working with challenging and difficult situations during negotiations

  • Difficult situations – managing negative emotions
  • Conflict situations

Assertive techniques in negotiation

  • Gramophone record
  • The scenario
  • How to politely decline


  • Trading technique – situation of possible proposals

How to resist manipulation

  • Coping with pressure and manipulation in negotiations
  • Constructive pressure in negotiations

Customer typology

  • Characteristics of individual types of customers
  • Possibilities of using typology in negotiation

Situations from the practice of buyers

Analysis of specific situations, processing of optimal procedures and strategies for given situations, role play – training of selected situations

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