Telefonická komunikácia pre service desk – In English

  • Develop participants’ professional telephone communication with customers.
  • Provide participants with standard structure for customer phone conversation.
  • Develop skills in linkage to the best practices and shared quality principles in customer service domain.
  • Develop ability to handle the customer interaction, proper use of phrases and expressions, how to ask appropriate questions and lead the interaction towards solution in a customer-oriented approach.
  • Practice principles of customer communication in Audio-training.

Principles of professional phone contact

  • Creating professional impression.
  • Professional communication and clear expressions.
  • Standard phone call structure.
  • Corporate identity in customer communication.

Professional communication

  • Verbal communication – active listening.
  • Communication techniques of explanation, asking questions and paraphrasing.
  • Positive expressions, customer-focused phrases, using customer’s name.
  • Work with Hold and avoiding “dead air”.
  • How to ask the customer to repeat information in case we did not understand.
  • Common pronunciation and grammar mistakes to watch out for.

Training of typical situations from the participants practice

  • Situations from the participants practice.
  • How to handle customer complaints.
  • Phone calls analyses.

Stress management for customer service professionals

  • How to stop taking things personally.
  • Short relaxation techniques to relieve stress and anxiety.

Course includes audio training with portable telephone switchboard capable of recording and replaying model telephone calls. Model calls are analyzed in detail with takeaways identified for next round of exercises.

Course participants have the option of subsequent application support in the form of individual consultation/coaching with a lecturer.

The price for one application consultation/coaching with a lecturer (1 hour) is 90€ + VAT.
Application consultations/coaching are carried out online or by phone.

To order or for more information about subsequent individual coaching/consultations, contact us at, or at phone number 02/5441 8513.

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We will provide you with more detailed information about the price, possible dates and training schedule at the e-mail address or at the phone number +421 2 54418 513.

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