Prezentačné zručnosti II – In English

The “Advanced Presentation Skills II” Course is designed for all who wish and need to run product, sales, marketing and other business presentations in face-to-face or online environment.

This Course is an enhancement of “Presentation Skills I” and is focused on improving in argumentation by increasing confidence while presenting. Interactive online delivery consists of a group online session in day one and individual one-on-one training blocks in the day two of the course.

  • Develop skills for convincing and logical argumentation.
  • Use simple and precise expressions.
  • Improve skills to captivating listeners and get persuasive.
  • Improve in ability to discuss and lead discussion while presenting.


Strategy Review – Prepare Presenting A Short Contribution

  • Setting of goals for presenting.
  • Analysis of target group, approach analysis.
  • Prepare contents, structure (introduction, mid- and closing).
  • Organization, technical support, visual aids.
  • Verbal part of presentation, rhetoric rules.


  • Argumentation techniques, argumentation beneficial to target group.
  • Argumentation techniques (arguments-emotions-logic), stating facts.
  • Rational appeal, emotions, emotional appeal.

Non-Verbal Part Of Presentation For Advanced


  • Rules, facilitated discussion.

Training “Simple Expressions”

Training “Presenting Your Own Contribution” – Interactive Video Training


Main focus of this Training Course is intensive video-training. Number of participants per course is limited (max 8). This course is available for participants with advanced command of English. Your eligibility to this Course depends on the date we receive your application and registration deposit.

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