Management skills I
Successful performance management


  • Develop managerial skills and common sense for successful management of their staff.
  • Learn how to keep the system and the discipline in an organization but at same time how not to lose the staff motivation by inadequate directive way of management.
  • Practice the control mechanism as the tool for the staff development and performance improvement.
  • Learn how to provide feedback effectively.


The Consequences of inconsistency in managing and leading colleagues

Management Cycle

  • Assigning tasks, how to check and double-check, giving feedback
  • Supportive tools for successful performance management

Assigning tasks

  • Clear assignment – assign so that the colleague knows what to do
  • Task assigning tasks
  • Assign – sell – consult – cooperate – delegate

Focus on objectives

  • Importance of goals setting at consistent management style
  • SMART goals

Check Up Principles

  • Principles of efficient check ups
  • Goals of check up – improving system, development of colleagues, maintaining a performance standard, maintaining discipline

Giving the Feedback

  • Principles for giving feedback on staff performance
  • Appreciation, positive guidance and corrective measures

Inconsistency is expensive and I want to have a clean slate

Work with Personal Development Plan


The course includes practical role plays and video-training of model situations accompanied with analysis and development feedback. To reinforce the learning model video-clips are also utilized.