Leadership with Horses
Experiential Learning with Horses



  • 04. - 05.06.2018



  • Encourage development of leadership skills in contact with majestic animal as a partner.
  • Unify the way of communicating and signalling to others with intentions with others.
  • With the help of analogies understand better various situations of a leader and ways of their solution.
  • See oneself from the point of view of others and get immediate, honest, authentic, and stimulating feedback.


Situations we can familiarize with through our experience and through its analysis

  • New team and new co-workers. What am I expressing? How will they perceive me? What can I do in order to become their leader?
  • Overcoming obstacles. How to achieve that the team will follow me and I would not waste time dealing with their insecurities?
  • Accepting and receiving task assignments.
  • Change management. How to achieve that team will be willing to do something new, something unfamiliar?
  • Company vision and company values. How to motivate team and its member to follow them?

Practicing with horses (riding-hall instead of lecture-hall)

  • Initial briefing. What we will do with horses, how, and why.
  • Few words about our partner, who is he and in what way does he resemble team behaviour and co-workers behaviour.
  • Demonstrations, tasks, and practicing with horses.

More and more difficult tasks for horse and for his leader

  • Debriefing of activity, identification of analogies between experiences with horses and managerial practice – what did we realize, how and when we will make use of it in practice.

Leadership with horses – overview
Horses are natural partners to human beings, learning with horses is part of our history for centuries. For people in managerial positions, horses can serve as a litmus test of their skills and competences. The horse is able to identify mood, trust, fear, impatience or aggression, and he honestly and blankly expresses what he feels. He is able to quickly forget, or forgive, and he immediately gives second chance in learning. In workplace reality, second chances are not always granted.
Practicing with horses in riding-hall and debriefings take part in both days of this training. Participants outline individual plans of their personal development based on their self-reflection and debriefings. After the training, participants will get video recordings of their activity with horse.

Motto for training: Little theory, a lot of practice.


Rebeka Trepačová

Rebeka executes coaching, corporate trainings & development projects focusing on leadership, managerial skills, assertiveness, stress management and coaching. She graduated from the Philosophical Faculty at Comenius University. Rebeka has completed intense trainings of Virginia Satir Module under Professor W. Zahnd from Chicago University, USA, as well as short-term systematic therapy of Virginia Satir under Dr. John Banmen from the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Main references:

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Registration 9:00
Program 9:30 8:00
Lunch 12:30 12:00
Program 13:30 13:00
Ending 17:30 15:30

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Variable symbol: 4054

Place of training: Riding areal of St. Francis, near Žarnovica, 152 km from Bratislava.
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