„Creativity I. was a high-powered training for gaining new ideas for everyday life, as well as for difficult and sophisticated tasks at work. Individual techniques for gaining new ideas were perfectly presented and therefore easy for everyday use.”

Juraj Švec / Wholesale Business Manager - International Voice Stream / Slovak Telekom, a. s. /T-Com

„Creativity is not only exceptional gift for the chosen ones, it is a way of thinking - for which we could decide. This is what your training was about to me and my company.”
Marek Markuš / Executive Director / Oil Partner s.r.o.

„Creativity has brought a new insight into my work, relaxation of mind from common stereotypes at work and professional blindness offers a different view of everyday activities, of solving problems through imagination, fantasy and plasticity. The training was conducted on highly professional level in a comfortable and cosy environment“.
Juraj Gajdoš / Head of Business Unit-Controlling / Siemens s.r.o.

„Creativity training was conducted professionally and with practical tips how to make use of creative techniques, which we had tested together in an open and pleasant atmosphere. Experience I have gained , I will certainly apply to organizing workshops for our employees, focused on looking for solutions to variety of issues and on support of the innovation process in our company.”
“Various „scenarios“ even of simpler creative techniques, which were presented, I consider to be universal and very attractive mainly for starting up of creative thinking while gaining new and perhaps unconventional ideas”.

Mária Cicmanová / Innovating Manager / Mondi SCP a.s.

„Those photographs reminded me of one of the best trainings I ever attended. “Throwing mud” has stayed in my mind and I will surely apply it in my work in the following months. The whole training was very comfortable, the lecturer was professional and everything we went through was interesting.
My evaluation of your company is very positive also because of your high standard approach, which is being promoted in your trainings. I wish you remain as good as you are in what you do since you do it well. If it be possible, I am looking forward to the second training Creativity II.”

Miroslava Čurilla / Teamleader Call Center / Télefonica O2 Slovakia

“Thanks for the training, which was in itself very exceptional”.
Tereza Púcha / Slovak Telekom, a. s. / T-Com

 Photos from courses "Pulling Really Good Ideas - Creativity I."